Upcoming releases…

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 2.04.34 PMIt’s been a while since I offered anything new to read on here and I deserve explaining myself, at least to myself.

Over the last year I’ve been doing freelance consultation on scripts, which I can’t share ’cause they’re not mine, as well as editing other people’s fiction, whose work I can’t share before they do, and also working on my own new stories, which aren’t ready.

However, here are some thing I’m super excited to share soon, upon completion or by gaining permissions:

Graveyard Children4da9e0_9e62637b99a546ad8de6bbfd1017f743-mv2_d_1838_2844_s_2

After completing work on the artist series for ArtVancouver last year, I sat down wanting to do something different, so I wrote novel. Since then the modest sci-fi apocal-opera has gained weight.

Upon finishing the 72k word manuscript I realized the scope is larger than originally projected. I remain hard at work, but I might be getting into GoT-length territory if I’m not careful.

The Magic of Thedes

Hands of the Sea Cover

The next two books in the Thedes Universe (a sequel, and a prequel to my first novel, Hollo) are both outlined and awaiting their turn to be drafted.

I expect to start work very soon. Wish me luck.



The Jenova ProjectScreen Shot 2018-05-09 at 7.44.23 PM

Xander Williams has been working on an epic fanfiction for many years now, and anyone who has ever been to KupoCon will know him by the handle Mr. Ite.

In celebration of KupoCon coming to Vancouver earlier this year, his enormously popular novelization of the videogame was printed in hardcopy for inclusion in gift-baskets and as prizes. Obviously, since the Final Fantasy 7 universe is a jealously guarded IP, the books are not for sale – but were given away with wild abandon to the delight of many fans.

I had the pleasure of working as editor on this first installment of five parts and will be continuing with the next just as soon as Mr. Ite finishes drafting it. Our hopes are to release the next installment at KupoCon in 2019.


Untitled Short Film

Dlitpic-Jordan Tub


As my friends already know, I collaborate with my filmmaker brother Jordan at any given opportunity. Since we completed The Heat of the Beat (Amazon Prime), he’s spent the last year working on contract but with his season ending we’ll get to begin shooting our next project in 2019. I expect we will write something good and Jordan will turn it into a science fiction wonderland.


That’s what’s on the docket for now. I do hire and collaborate with illustrators and graphic artists now and again, so if anything strikes you, reach out to me.

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