Short Fiction: Mad King Had


oil on canvas by Jan van Goyen

Read – Mad King Had – (reader opens in new tab)

This short, nursery rhyme-framed fairy tale is excerpted from Hollo. I loved writing this and am surprised to realize I never posted it.

When I wrote it I had no real idea whether the thing would be of use in the book or not (which I suppose you can say about most writing) but I liked it, and my editor liked it, and it became extremely relevant to the story as the character arc of Hollo’s haunted home came into focus.

approx. 2,000 words


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2 responses to “Short Fiction: Mad King Had

  1. What great writing! I just picked up a copy of Hollo, can’t wait to start it if this is the kind of writing to expect. It’s interesting that you wrote this with such skill and detail yet it almost ended up on the editing room floor. I know that’s often the case with filmmaking, but what a difficult process it must be to write a novel…anyways, great short story. Loved it.

    • Thank you, Holly! I missed this message, I was backpacking in Patagonia when you posted it, somehow I never saw. So sorry I missed you. I hope you got a chance to read Hollo. Thanks for writing me.

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