My Writing


Graveyard Children: An introduction to the novel, and a secret soliloquy about the story’s setting:

“If you want to know exactly where we’re going, from the coast, it’s directly thirty miles inland. That’s three days walk over the mountains, or about an hour’s drive via the winding two-lane highway. The factories are on east side of the mountains, right where the desert starts to take over.”

Hollo: The Magic of Thedes – Book One: A Magic of Thedes long-form novel: A fantasy story of magic, villainy, and adventure for all ages.

“Hollo always wanted to go out and explore the city, not that she dared… but still… staying inside all the time is bad for a body, even a wooden one.”

Hands of the Sea: A Magic of Thedes short story:

“Never enter the ocean at night. The seas can be an angry place, Eferee. We may hunt the water in the daylight, but the nighttime is when the seas belong to the larger hunters. Never enter that world. It belongs to the gods of the seas, and men must not go there.”

The Lightning Man: A Magic of Thedes short story:

A baby born when the sky is at war never remains for long in the place of their birth. The Children of Thunder, they are called.  The sky calls to them, and they forever wander the land trying to find their way back to it.”

Mad King Had: A Magic of Thedes short story:

“A-salt the walk, a-latch the lattice / Mad King Had come out to play / Latest hour, bedroom tower / Up till dawn, and dead by day”


Voices on the Wall: A short article written for Fresh Magazine, for the 2017 Art! Vancouver show in British Columbia.

“Art shows are disarming from a distance. They’re pretty and sparkly. Maybe that’s how they get us to come in?”

The Cobweb Paintings of Ia Mghebrishvili: A Georgian painter whose deeply evocative work is crafted from spider thread.

“For too long I haven’t written about faith. For too long I haven’t written of the sea. There’s something of both in the cobweb creations of Ia Mghebrishvili.”

Painting Royalty: Cecelia Aisin-Gioro: An incredibly talented painter, and the grand-niece of the last emperor of China.

“Sometimes art exists to communicate things you don’t know how to say, other times it’s to remember things, like meaningful emotions, or where you’ve come from.”

Engin Dalyanci’s Ocean of Glass: Glassmaker, ceramicist, and painter.

“We can’t pretend to know what the world has in store for us when we reach out and smile at it, not knowing what we’re reaching towards.”

Adam Gibbs Nature Photography: Thousands of words worth of landscapes.

“I’m guilty, as most of us are, of sometimes behaving like I’m the most important person there is.”

Lisa Wolfin: Portrait of a were- I mean Artist: Also, perhaps more than an artist…

“On the surface, Lisa Wolfin is an international artist, but based on my dabbling in the higher mysteries I expect she may also be something of a werewolf. Wait, though; it gets better-“

A Tiger in Winter: An obituary for a man who never received one. Flash fiction (1k words)

“He always disappeared in the winter, though I never knew where he went. I assumed somewhere warm, but he never said. I still wonder why we called him Tiger.”

Nightmare: A coming of age story about myself, poetry, and the power of dreams.

“I was born at home, and the midwife asked my mother what my name was going to be. That was the beginning of my relationship with fire.”

Analogy for the Fishes: A short essay on the craft of writing.

“The wisdom of writers, and the patience of fishermen, is to accept the disappointment, untangle your line, and cast it again.”

The Traveller: Brief thoughts about writing across genres, and borrowing style.

“At the beginning of learning about poetry, I decided to try my hand at copying a poem from my childhood. Poe’s ‘The Raven’.”

On David Whyte: A short essay on the poet/philosopher, and thoughts on the meaning of ‘writer’ and ‘poet’.

“Over the years, searching for and learning about great writing, the person I have the most to say about where remarkable poetry is concerned is David Whyte”